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VR For Christmas?

With VR Changing The Game, Is This Christmas The Time You Join In?

By Brandon-Lee Westraat On 13 December 2017



What Is VR and AR?


VR(Virtual Reality): A virtual reality headset will typically use one or two screens that are held close to your face and viewed through lenses. It then uses various sensors in order to track the user’s head and potentially their body as they move through space. Using this information, it renders the appropriate images to create the illusion that the user is navigating a completely foreign environment.

AR(Augmented Reality): Augmented reality, on the other hand, will usually use either glasses or a pass-through camera so that the user can see the real world around them in real time. Digital elements will then either be projected onto the glass or will be shown on the screen on top of the camera feed.





A Little History...


VR Has been out officially for over two years now and AR is growing rapidly.Now that the previously costly devices have dropped in prices. Now might be the time you dip your foot into this new form of digital entertainment.

It was a rough start in the beginning for the first devices that launched. The Oculus Rift and HTC’s Vive had growing pains at launch, whether slower than expected shipping or order cancellations. For Oculus one of their biggest faults was that it launched without touch controllers, Which added another hefty R3000 to already large price tag.

One of the other problems was that the average customer wasn't aware that these devices were out there until Samsung launched the Gear VR with the Note 7 but Samsungs mobile VR ambitions went up in smoke because it was only compatible with the Note 7 and none of their other flagship devices.

Easily the biggest player in the VR & AR Game is easily Nintendo/The Pokemon Company/ Niantic. The biggest breakout success in a very long time.It was one of those ‘best thing since sliced bread’. After that, many companies tried to jump on the bandwagon, Sony's PlayStation and Google who did very well with Daydream View.





Devices to Get You Started…





Oculus Rift

If You want one of the OG’s you cant go wrong with the Oculus Rift. If you want this option just make sure you have a beefy Pc that can take the processing strain of this device. Right now the bundle with the touch controllers will set you back R9 800.





HTC Vive

The Other OG, the Oculus Rift Is also a good option if you have the cash and the PC to back it up . the difference between the two is the games available and the fluidity of the HTC Vive is a little better but it's going to set you back R14 400.





Plastation VR

The PlayStation has been a quiet competitor and the pure convenience of it after the launch of the ps4 is whats pushing this forward and obviously the famous games available for the device. another drive is that its a lot cheaper than its predecessors like the oculus rift but its obviously not as advanced. The PlayStation VR will set you back between R5000 and R7000, depending on the bundle you get.





Samsung Gear VR

This is the most convenient of the Devices as you probably have the major half you need in your pocket. If you jumped on the Galaxy S8 or Note * then you will have the best experience. The combination of the mobile device, Gear VR, and the controller is an awesome combination for entertainment . with the list of games and VR emersion videos on youtube growing it is definitely to buy this bundle. The Gear VR with the controller will set you back between R1500 and R1800.

So There we go that's a Shotgun lesson on VR, But its for you to decide if you are adding one of these Devices to the tree this year. Enjoy your VR Christmas this year and a happy new year.